Meet Your Maker: All Weapons And How To Get Them

When raiding another player’s outpost in Meet Your Maker, you will be relying quite heavily on your weapons. The default Volt Lancer and Fury’s Edge will feel quite limited, but they aren’t your only options. If you’re expecting more traditional weapons, though, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Weapons in Meet Your Maker are multipurpose. Obviously, yes, they are great at killing the guards that can roam around the custom-built bases you’re attempting to raid, but they also serve to disable traps. Getting and upgrading weapons takes valuable GenMat that doesn’t exactly come easily.

All Weapons And How To Get Them In Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker chimera
Weapons can be purchased from the Advisor in your base.

The roster of weapons in Meet Your Maker is quite limited at only five, including the two you begin with. Here’s a look at the entire armory and their base stats:

  • Volt Lancer (Ranged; Starter Weapon)
    • Effective Range: 40m
    • Ammo Capacity: 2
    • Reload Time: 2s
    • Damage Type: Crushing (Flesh/Armor/Traps)
  • Fury’s Edge (Melee; Starter Weapon)
    • Swing Delay: 1s
    • Lunge Range: 4.5m
    • Lunge Speed: 15m/s
    • Damage Type: Breaking (Flesh/Traps)
    • Trait: Deflects projectiles
  • Arc Barrier (Defensive; costs 700 Cells and 675 Parts)
    • Active Time: 1.5s
    • Recharge Time: 8.5s
    • Perfect Block Opportunity: .25s
    • Perfect Block: Increases shield duration by 0.5s
  • Falconic Plasmabow (Ranged; costs 550 Cells and 525 Parts)
    • Effective Range: 40m
    • Ammo Capacity: 6
    • Reload Time: 0.5s
    • Damage Type: Striking (Flesh)
  • Sledgeblade (Melee; costs 550 Cells and 525 Parts)
    • Swing Delay: 1.4s
    • Lunge Range: 6m
    • Lunge Speed: 15m/s
    • Damage Type: Crushing (Flesh/Armor/Traps)

Unlocking any of these weapons is done by earning both Cells and Parts and then purchasing them at the Advisor in your base. In addition to buying these new weapons, this is also where you can buy upgrades to them.

Meet Your Maker is not your typical FPS title. Aside from having a unique levelling system with the Chimera, arguably more than half the game is focused on building bigger and better bases to trip up and stump would-be raiders. While a good weapon can help, your most valuable tool is your own powers of observation and patience! 

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