Microsoft E3 2019 – Microsoft Announces Project Scarlet, Halo Infinite as a Launch Title

Microsoft has finally announced their new next-gen console, codenamed Project Scarlet, along with Halo Infinite being a launch title at their press conference at E3.

Project Scarlet is reportedly packing a custom-designed AMD processor, four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, boasting 120 frames per second, 8K, and next-gen ray-tracing. A new generation of SSDs is being used as well, primarily as a source of virtual RAM. Microsoft aims to use this performance upgrade to not only sharpen image quality but to significantly cut down on load times. Project Scarlet is hitting the shelves around the holiday season 2020.

In celebration of Project Scarlet’s announcement, Phil Spencer also stated that Halo Infinite will drop in late 2020 as a launch title for the new console. A new story trailer was also unveiled, with Master Chief being revived and rushing headfirst into the fight. It’s what he does best.

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