Minecraft has sold over one hundred million copies, averaging to around 53,000 per day

Minecraft has been out for years now, and since its arrival has seen mass popularity and record sales for a single game and franchise. It is due to this fact that it surprises me that despite the console releases still coming that Minecraft still sells so well, and it surprises me more just how much it sells each day on average.

Minecraft has sold a total of 106,859,714 copies across PC, console, and mobile platforms to date, this averages to around 53,000 copies of the game sold across these platforms each day, after all these years and the games massive popularity how on earth is this game still selling (with the exception of the Wii U version).

All this was revealed in a new Minecraft Infographic that shows the games sales around the world, you can see the image below:

Minecraft Momentum

If we look at the Infographic for the game we see that the game is owned in every territory, and country on the planet, surprisingly even Antarctica, I am now imagining some penguins playing the game which is actually pretty funny. Certainly it is a fact that we can not argue with the selling power of this simple idea, I still am led to wonder how on earth not everybody owns a copy of this game or multiple in my families case.

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