Minecraft Legends: How To Get Prismarine

You can gather numerous resources in Minecraft Legends, but the hardest one to find is arguably Prismarine. You will need this material to build various improvements, make buildings that let you acquire rare ingredients, and even create more mobs to stop invading Piglins. If you want to know how to get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends, this guide can tell you several ways to obtain this valuable resource!

Minecraft Legends Prismarine Guide

Unlike regular materials, such as Wood and Stone, you cannot obtain Prismarine by gathering it during exploration. This rare item can only be acquired by performing these activities:

  • Destroy Piglin Bases
  • Protect Villages
  • Open Allay Chests

The fastest way to farm Prismarine is by destroying various Piglin structures scattered around the map. You can try to hit the big camps with Nether Portals, but it can be time-consuming. It is recommended that you attack small outposts that spawn at night since they’re much smaller and have fewer enemies.

Minecraft Legends Piglin Outpost

You can also receive Prismarine from Village Chests after protecting the villagers’ homes from Piglin’s attacks. The targeted villages will be marked with red squares on your map, and you are given one day to build some fortifications. If you successfully fend off the assault, the Village Chest will contain Prismarine. However, you won’t get any should you fail, so do your best to keep those villagers safe!

You can also get Prismarine from Allay Chests, which you can find in random spots during your adventure. They’re not the best method for farming the material since finding Allay Chests will depend on your luck. After all, you could spend hours exploring and not encounter any!

That is the end of our guide on how to get Prismarine in Minecraft Legends. Before leaving to farm this resource, consider checking out other articles on GameLuster. For example, we have a guide on how to change the difficulty mode to suit your play style. You can also scroll down to the comment section if you need more help stopping the invasion!