Modern Warfare 3: What Content Can Be Transferred From Modern Warfare 2? Explained

If you’re a Call of Duty fan, chances are you’ve played the blockbuster hit of last year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. It’s a new year, and there’s a new Call of Duty entry on the way with Modern Warfare III. It’s a quick turnaround from the last game, especially when Modern Warfare II had so many optional additional purchases. Like many others, you might be wondering how much of your purchased content such as Operators, weapons and cosmetics will transfer over to Modern Warfare III when it drops in November. Thankfully we’ve got the answers, so read on to find out.

Let’s start with the good news: yes, almost all of your purchases and unlocked cosmetic content will transfer over from Modern Warfare II into Modern Warfare III. This includes all unlocked Operators, Operator skins, weapons, blueprints, weapon charms, weapon stickers, emblems and loading screens. That’s a lot of content, meaning that if you’ve already played a lot of Modern Warfare II, you’re going to have a lot of unlocks waiting for you in Modern Warfare III!

Nicki Minaj Call of Duty
All of your Modern Warfare II Operators, such as Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj, will be available in Modern Warfare III.

There are certain exceptions however. The official Q&A from the Call of Duty blog specifies that, as some vehicles and certain pieces of equipment will not be available in Modern Warfare III, then these cosmetics will not transfer, as they will not be present in the game anyway. There’s also an additional caveat, which states that some War Tracks (songs that play in vehicles) will not be available in Modern Warfare III either, but there’s no word yet on which tracks this includes.

As an important final note, content such as Operators and cosmetics purchased in Modern Warfare III will not be transferable back to Modern Warfare II. Despite this however, content purchased in Modern Warfare III will be transferable and useable in the Call of Duty: Warzone mode, as well as the mobile iteration of the battle royale.

We hope that answered any questions you may have about the transition of content from Modern Warfare II over to Modern Warfare III. Got any extra questions? Drop them in the comments below! Stay tuned to GameLuster for more breaking news, including the latest Call of Duty.

Nicki Minaj becomes an operator in Warzone 2.

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30 days ago

Does this mean that if I switch from Xbox Series X to PS5, it will all still carry over because its all linked to the account?