Modern Warfare III: Activision Tease Verdansk Campaign Footage

Nine minutes of campaign gameplay from Modern Warfare III premiered online after Activision debuted the threequel during Opening Night Live. The mission, Operation 627, takes place in a fortified sea prison. If it looks familiar, it’d be because Operation 627 takes the team inside the Gulag, lifted from the original Warzone map. 

Gulag was the designated name for a mission featured in the original Modern Warfare 2 and concerned the rescue of prisoner 627, later revealed as Captain Price. The teaser could be the preview to a rescue mission for Price, or may instead be connected to Makarov, the primary antagonist for Modern Warfare III seen in prison receiving tattoos.

Watch the campaign clip below.

“The Zordaya Prison Complex contains someone that can shift the tides of the coming conflict in Modern Warfare III,” the synopsis for the trailer reads. “Alpha team makes entry from the water as Bravo and Charlie teams assist in an operation conducted in the Kastovian Sea.”

In the clip, we begin with a team disembarking from a submarine, remaining under the water to keep out of sight of a patrol boat before abseiling the side of the sea prison walls. They swiftly dispatch any targets they encounter and create an explosion to divert attention from them. Once inside, they descend through the prison chambers via night vision and make easy work of enemy combatants that come their way. 

It ends as the team prepares to breach a door, leaving us to wonder what could be on the other side and what comes next. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series consoles, and PC on Friday, November 10, 2023. 

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