Naughty Dog Tease A Big Project As They Continue To Hire

As Naughty Dog continues to hire at their studios in Santa Monica, animation director Jeremy Yates teased in a Twitter post that this latest hiring push indicates they’re working on “something big.” 

You only need to take a look at Naughty Dog’s careers page to know that the studio is hiring for a multitude of positions, including environment artists, dialogue and sound designers, gameplay scriptures, writers, audio visual technicians, visual effects artists, and far more. In fact, there are over 50 listed job positions.

We’re in the dark as to what this new project could be from the developers, but speculation leads toward a Factions Mode for The Last Of Us Part II. Following the release of the sequel last year, the anticipated multiplayer project was scrapped due to the scale of the first game, which according to Naughty Dog described in a Twitter post as “ambitious” and “grew beyond an additional mode that could be included with our enormous single-player campaign.” 

Last month, as the studio celebrated its annual Outbreak Day, they provided an update on the Factions Mode. It was brief, but the project remains in development. 

The studio said that they were “busy growing our team inside the kennel”, encouraging those interested to apply for the roles available. As previously by Gameluster, a job listing appeared to confirm that a multiplayer game with live service elements was in the works. The desired applicant would be someone who could “design, implement, and tune game economy and player progression systems” for PC and console titles. 

Lastly, for a story that’ll warm your heart, we recently reported that a couple from the US was seeking a professional games tutor to teach them how to play The Last Of Us Part II, which generated interest from a mo-cap and voice actor with a connection to the game.

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