NES Remix 2 Review

I know what you are probably thinking, didn’t the first NES Remix game only come out a few months ago? Well the answer to that question is yes, however that doesn’t mean we can’t have a new game. I for one support bringing more of these Remix games to life as they give us a chance to revisit old favourites and even experience new ones. This was the good thing about last year’s NES Remix we got to revisit old favourites in a new format that while it didn’t exactly all work well, it still did what it set out to do.

NES Remix 2 takes advice from its predecessor by offering the same basic ideas, however in its own way it hands itself over to the fans of the first game by giving what they wanted. NES Remix 2 offers a far more superior library of classic games then its predecessor, basically the games that we the fans have asked for. We were not after our arcade games such as Donkey Kong and Ice Climber, instead we wanted our much bigger games. Nintendo has chosen to offer us games such as Metroid and Kid Icarus which is what we asked for, this also acts as a great opportunity for people like myself who haven’t had the chance to experience such games which is a pretty good thing.


NES Remix 2 features two main gameplay components. You have your traditional NES games with challenges along the way, and then you have the Remix stages. The former is the less enjoyable of the two types. The games on offer are mostly superior over that of their predecessors but that mean they are always done right, sure we receive great games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Metroid and even Dr Mario but that doesn’t mean we can have much fun with them.


The bite size challenges that were so well done in the first game and provided an honest challenge, never reached that point with me in this sequel, they often just felt too easy and too generic, even breaking into a point of no challenge in any way shape or form. Even more stupid is that there is even a level where you have to get Luigi killed which is both cruel and unappealing. Aiming for a perfect score is perhaps the only reason I would ever suggest in going back to these challenges just to see more of the Remix stages. At these times I would say to just go back and play the source games as you will find more fun in those levels.

Gladly this feeling doesn’t dawn on me at many points in the Remix stages. The Remix stages allowed for a twist on the basic levels in these classic games and how much more fun and challenging each level is shines through wonderfully. Challenges in the Remix stages mess with the colour in puzzle games making it harder to put the right piece in the correct spot. We also see challenges similar to ones in the first NES Remix with Link or Samus having to collect all the coins, then you have levels where you just run and you have to make them jump in time. Yes there are a few bad challenges here as is to be expected including generic Ice Hockey which I would have expected in the games rather than the Remix stages, but either way these stages are the more fun ones that I think people will happily come back to.2510846-nes+remix+2+footage+240

There are two other bonuses to be found with NES Remix 2. The first is a really clever reimagining of the classic Super Mario Bros, this game now titled Super Luigi Bros sees you playing as the other brother and playing through the classic game. The major difference is that you now run through the game in reverse going from right to left, rather than left to right. Added to this I found the game far more enjoyable and challenging with Luigi’s own abilities such as his higher jump, or even his flaw in being hard to stop. This is probably the most fun I had with this game as it’s made so that even a master at the classic game could be messed up and messed around with as they have to counter Luigi’s issues.

The other additional feature for NES Remix 2 is the championship mode, this mode is only unlockable if you own a copy of the original NES Remix and is for people that are trying to prove that they are the best that ever was. You complete some of the same challenges that you will find in this game but you aim to beat things faster and gather more points than the other players from all around the world, aiming to get into the top 10 does provide a form of fun and challenge into the games but I was never that good.108132_NESREMIX2_Remix1_stage10_Boomboom_UK

NES Remix 2 is not without its flaws, it is a clever way of bringing classic games into the modern era and as much as I really wanted to like it, NES Remix 2 wasn’t really all it could have been. For score chasers I feel NES Remix 2 will offer a lot more in the way of enjoyment and challenge but from a fun seeking gamer’s perspective it never quite hits its mark and doesn’t truly show how amazing Nintendo games are. Ending my thought on this game I do want to express my interest to Nintendo in bringing more games of the Remix brand to life. I want Nintendo to come back and fix their mistakes and even provide Remix games for the Super Nintendo, Game Boy or even maybe one day the Nintendo 64. Please Nintendo it would be the best thing you could do.

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