More details on Hyrule Warriors including original character Lana and even more

Yesterday I provided details for you about Hyrule Warriors in regards to a new playable character, I can now officially say that Agitha is definitely a playable character but also as part of these characters being mentioned in the latest Famitsu there was also a new character announced. Previously we have heard that we are set to have a couple of original characters that have never existed in any other part of the Zelda universe. In the latest Famitsu we have actually found out a little more in the way of details and also about an original character called Lana. Here are some of the latest details about Hyrule Warriors:

– Agitha uses a parasol in battle
– Can call upon and attack with insects
– Lana is an original character
– She is a witch who wields a book of magic in battle
– Can create barriers to brush away enemies
– When the barrier is broken the shock will cause her damage
– Link’s Hook Shot is returning
– Can be used to reach places normally not accessible
– When you have certain strengthening items on hand, it’s possible bring down the moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask as an attack

These new details are certainly interesting and actually are providing me with more excitement for the game, the prospect of new characters and new playstyles as well as the very interesting ideas are sure to really excite players and I feel make this game even better.


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