New Minecraft update out now, won’t arrive on Wii U “until sometime next year”

Hooray, Wii U owners finally got Minecraft after such a long wait, oh wait no we didn’t, we have a watered down port and lazy excuse for a game. Yes that’s right the history of the Wii U repeats itself and in a game they could have tried on, and as such those who bought the game can be left disappointed. A huge update is set to arrive for almost all console versions of Minecraft in the coming days which will add all kinds of new features and is said to be the biggest update in its history pushing the consoles closer to the PC.

The thing is there is a catch as stated earlier Wii U owners drew the short straw, if you own the game on a Playstation or Xbox console then you can get the update right now. If you own the Wii U version Mojang has said it won’t be coming to the Wii U “until sometime next year”.

You can find a trailer showing Minecraft’s 1.8.8 console update below:


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