New Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Trailer Shows Off Exclusive Features

Bethesda did not have much to show during their E3 Press Conference for Nintendo fans, but they did take the time to briefly show off Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. What was seen shows that Skyrim is more then a generic port as the game will utilize some key functionality to offer a slightly more unique experience on Nintendo’s system.

In a trailer, Bethesda demonstrated how amiibo is utilized within Skyrim, in the example shown they used the archer Link figure, this popped a chest into the world which provided the player with a Breath of the Wild Link costume for their character.

Another feature that was shown off, was the usage of motion controls. Players will be able to swing the Joy-Con’s as a means of swinging the sword within the game. It was also shown, that you can fire a bow using a similar means. This demonstrated a deeper amount of interactivity within the game. These changes are not likely to make a difference to the core game but their presence does show that Bethesda are trying to advance the game, even in small ways for the Switch release.

Bethesda is still keeping quiet on a release date with the former ‘fall’ release window staying in tact. You can check out the new trailer below for a look at the game.

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