Nintendo Announced amiibos Aplenty at E3

Do you care about amiibos?

Nintendo’s revealed quite a few of them at E3 for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Fire Emblem Warriors.

The new Breath of the Wild amiibos depict the four champions Mipha the Zora, Daruk the Goron, Revali the Rito, and Urbosa the Gerudo. Each amiibo is finely detailed and features the characters with their signature weapon. These will likely offer the same bonuses as all previous amiibos for the game, but this has not been officially announced.

Super Mario Odyssey‘s amiibos feature Mario, Bowser and Peach all in their wedding outfits that tie in with Bowser’s plan in the game. In terms of functionality each amiibo will unlock new costumes within the main game. How else they may help the player is currently undisclosed.


The two amiibos to tie in with Fire Emblem Warriors depict characters from Fire Emblem Awakening. These are fan-favorite character Chrom armed with the heroic blade of legend and a young Tiki.

Nintendo has made no announcement on how these amiibos will function within Fire Emblem Warriors but they might take a similar approach as Hyrule Warriors. In that game amiibos were used to unlock weapons or resources necessary for upgrading your characters.

These new amiibos will launch alongside Fire Emblem Warriors later this year. You can see a close up look at the figures below.

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