New Warzone Season 5 Teaser Suggest The Use Of Nukes

A new teaser for Call Of Duty: Warzone has been sent to streamer Tyler Polchow. The footage presents grainy security footage of a lounge inside the stadium on the Verdansk map.

From a growing, rushing noise and the bright white light that follows, before the footage cuts to black with ‘No Signal’ appearing on the screen, everything from this teaser suggests the impact of a nuclear weapon.

Polchow is left in wonderment, with, like many others, wondering what the teaser could mean. Since the introduction of the Warzone Bunkers, it would seem likely that this new teaser is connected to the bunkers in some way.

Twitch streamer NICKMERCS has been given an exclusive sneak preview from Infinity Ward of what’s to come from the fifth season of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. The teaser, reported by Charlie Intel, is short and grainy at best but leaves us in little doubt that Season 5 will feature loot trains.

This was previously hinted in a recent report from VGC suggesting Season 5 would implement significant changes to the Verdansk map, with the season scheduled for sometime in early August.

The footage shows a train approaching the Verdansk map as a helicopter soars overhead. At the top of the screen, a date can be seen, reading: August 5, as well as the time, 10:45. With this in mind then, it seems likely that Season 5 will begin on August 5, the same day the Battle Pass is due to end.

One of the most intriguing connections between the two teasers is the date indicated at the top of the screens, reading August 5, 2020, supporting the theory that the new season will begin two weeks today.

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