Xbox Games Showcase: State of Decay 3 Announced

Here’s perhaps the first surprise from Xbox’s Series X Games Showcase: Undead Labs’ open-world zombie survival franchise, State of Decay, is getting a third game in the series.

A brief announcement trailer highlights that players will seemingly be at odds with animals that have contracted the deadly virus as well as the regular ol’ walking dead.


State of Decay was initially released back in 2013, with its sequel released back in mid-2018. The series has an emphasis on scavenging for items, building a community, and surviving an on-going zombie apocalypse.

What sets State of Decay apart from other open-world zombie games is its focus on simulation. Crafting materials that are gathered begin to decay over time, incentivizing the player to be strategic both on how to use said materials and when (and also where) to collect them from.

Containers and storage boxes allow the option to quickly rummage to find items with the off chance of alarming more walkers to your position. The inclusion of permadeath is also prominent when your favorite survivor gets ripped apart, leading your community to question their allegiances and themselves.

Each survivor is different, having their respective traits dictated by their various backstories, personalities, and talents. Survivors get tired and injured over time, along with building their skills, allowing for specializations. New members of your community can be recruited, and various relationships with other survivor factions can either flourish or stain more soil.

State of Decay 2 also included a multiplayer aspect, so we can only hope that State of Decay 3 follows in these footsteps.

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