Two Point Campus Leaked on Microsoft Store

Earlier today, Twitter user @_h0x0d_ shared a product page on the Microsoft Store for the unannounced simulation/management game Two Point Campus, from Two Point Hospital developers Two Point Studios and published by Sega. The listing has since been taken down.

The game’s description describes options to build how you want whether you prefer “building on simple foundations, or placing every tree,” and lists outdoor flora, benches, sculptures, fountains, and fences, alongside educational facilities that you can use to customise your campus. In addition to extensive building options and hiring staff, there will also be clubs, societies, and gigs available to use to help keep your eclectic range of students happy.

Speaking of which, as well as the Gastronomy course and Knight School referred to in the listing, the students outside the gates in the key visual hint at some other courses, both ordinary and more unusual, including musicians, artists, an archaeologist, a clown, and a wizard among others. Using the truly bizarre Two Point Hospital as a reference, it’s likely things will get very zany indeed.

While the leaked listing only cited release on Xbox One and PC, Two Point Hospital‘s release history suggests Two Point Campus is likely to also become available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing an official announcement soon, and perhaps even a trailer.

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