Nintendo Direct Reveals New Monster Hunter Rise Details

Monster Hunter fans weren’t sure whether today’s Nintendo Direct event would contain news regarding upcoming title Monster Hunter Rise, as developer Capcom recently hosted a MonHun-centric digital event just a few weeks ago. However, to the surprise (and delight!) of fans, the Direct presentation did indeed contain information about Rise, including a couple of brand new creatures which will be making their debut in this game.

The new monsters which will terrorize the players include mud-covered leviathan Almudron and the spider-like Rakna-Kadaki, the first of its type seen in several years, while returning foes include Rajang, Volvidon, and Basarios. The Apex monster system is also returning, which will pit extra-powerful, extra-deadly foes against the player character in special challenges. An Apex Arzuros made a brief appearance in the trailer.

The other major focus, besides the new monsters themselves, was “The Rampage,” a massive event in which creatures are driven into a frenzy and attack human villages en masse. What seemed to be a representation of how the Rampage will function in-game included a giant battle focused on defending a stronghold against a horde of enemies with the aid of traps, ballistae and possibly even a number of helpful NPCs.

New areas of the game were also briefly shown off, including a volcano with lava hazards and a desert featuring fierce winds, high temperatures and the constant danger of sandstorms.

Monster Hunter Rise will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. A limited Collector’s Edition Switch console will also be releasing on the same date. Previously confirmed only to be debuting in Japan, this console will also be making an appearance in Western markets according to the Nintendo Direct.

Which new or returning monster are you most excited about challenging in Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in the comments!

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