Nintendo has revealed Splatoon for the Wii U

It seems these day’s Online Multiplayer is the way to go and that is exactly what even Nintendo is aiming to tap into. Earlier this year we saw EA bring Titanfall an Online multiplayer game to the Microsoft platforms, this in a sense is Nintendo’s retaliation statement with Splatoon which was announced during today’s Nintendo Digital Event. The appeal of online seems to be calling to many these days but for Nintendo rather then going for bloodthirsty battles, their take has that classic Nintendo charm.

Splatoon is a game where you must to control the battlefield, you are given a colour of ink and you must spread it around the battlefield to claim supremecy when the round ends, meanwhile your  opponent will have the same objective. Splatoon has been called an action strategy game in how it uses the idea of ink in such a way that you must plot to control the battlefield, outdo your opponent and even attempt to take control of their part of the field. he basic ideas get even more convoluted and compliated as you go along with hazards and abilities that complicate things and aim to make a fun experience. The game is colourful and looks like a whole lot of fun and could really change the face of more traditional gaming and push things forward for Nintendo.

While I like the idea of having an online multiplayer game I do hope they do also include some form of local multiplayer functionality though I doubt it. Splatoon is set for release next year and you can find out more in the trailer below.

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