NIOH Beta Hits PlayStation Store!

NIOHWednesday saw a new beta released onto the PlayStation 4 from Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja, we have the combination of Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls (if Dark Souls was set in 1600’s Japan). NIOH, which was originally meant to contain a companion movie and follows the story of samurai William Adams. The Beta comes to us after the initial Alpha demo was first released back in April.

For those who don’t know, NIOH (meaning benevolent king) is an action RPG with all the action and difficulty we have come to expect from games like Dark Souls. The Beta still retains the dangerous gameplay of the Alpha, but it also welcomes a new training session in the dojo which will help players come to grips with the controls and prepare us for what is to follow. Completion of the demo main missions will introduce “Mark of the Conqueror” upon completion of the first mission and “Mark of the Strong” which was recently added to the beta.

NIOH Beta is available until September 6th, and the completion of the demo will provide new exclusives for the full game. With so many secrets, the suspense until the full game is released, just keeps building.

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