Nordic Games has at least one Wii U game still to come

Somebody saying they are actually working on a Wii U game is a rare treat but when it does happen it is worth getting excited for. Following the recent release of The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, it would appear that this would be Nordic Games last appearance on the system, except that it actually isn’t, surprisingly they actually have at least one more game in the works.

This was revealed through Twitter when Nordic Games Reinhard Pollice the Business & Product Development Director and Executive Producer was asked if they has any other games coming to the Wii U. I think it is safe to assume many doubted it, and yet we got a positive response:

@ElMegalomator After The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, will Nordic Games release any other games on Wii U?

@GoldMetalSonic Yes, we have one in the works…I think Action Adventure fans will enjoy this a lot…

Pollice notes that fans of action adventure games should be happy and will enjoy their next release, and many have pointed towards a potential Wii U release of the original Darksiders given the presence of the sequel on the console, and all the sales they seem to hold. Personally I am not of the same belief and am unsure of what they have in store, hopefully we will receive confirmation soon, and it will be something that we do really want, no matter what though we can be happy with the knowledge of this Wii U release happening.

Just don’t get your hopes up for Destroy All Humans I doubt that will happen.


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