Meet Monster Hunter: World’s Next Elder Dragon, Kulve Taroth

Kulve Taroth, a newcomer to the Monster Hunter series, will be available to hunt on April 19 in a free title update.

Unlike the Deviljho, which was a permanent and persistent addition to the monster roster, the Kulve Tarroth will be part of a limited-time event called the “Siege of Kulve Taroth.”

With this monster comes a new game mode to tackle this gargantuan foe: Siege. It is a limited-time quest type that has up to 16 hunters split into four different groups to hunt down and defeat Kulve Taroth. Much like a regular hunt, each party will find tracks that contribute to the end goal; likewise, breaking off parts of Kulve Taroth progresses the hunt.

Kulve Taroth’s mantle seems to be made of bright golden weapon relics that it has gathered throughout its travels. This monster will have a complimentary armor set and weapon that are equally golden as the monster itself.

Although Kulve Taroth will return, he is available for a limited time starting April 18 at 5 p.m. Pacific. Full details can be found in the official announcement.

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