Paper Mario: The Origami King Coming to Nintendo Switch This July

Previously,  It has been rumored that Nintendo has a big year for Mario – the beloved plumber turns 35 this year, and there are lots of surprises and events planned throughout the year. So far, we’ve got an all-new Super Mario themed Lego set as well as further news about the upcoming Nintendo-themed worlds at Universal Studios in both Japan and the United States.

However, today, excited Mario fans received what has definitely been the biggest announcement of the year so far: an official reveal trailer for a brand new Paper Mario game.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 17, 2020. It is the first title in the wildly popular Paper Mario series to be released for the Switch. Preorders for the digital version of the game are available now via Nintendo’s official Web site.

Origami King sees the heroic Paper Mario forced to face a brand-new foe – Olly, the sinister king of the Origami Kingdom. He’s got an evil plan to take over Mario’s beloved homeland, starting with wrapping Princess Peach’s castle in ribbons and paper. Mario must team up with all-new partners, including the Origami princess Olivia, to “unfold” the Origami King’s sinister plot and save the Mushroom Kingdom and his beloved Princess Peach.

The game’s reveal trailer showcases Mario’s brand new combat ability, “1000 Fold Arms,” which allows the plumber to stretch his arms and search the game’s very scenery for hidden rooms and other secrets. Plus, there’s an all new puzzle-centric ring-based battle system (no connection to Ring Fit Adventure, though, as far as we know) which requires Mario to line up Bowser’s papery minions in order to score maximum points.


The trailer also focuses on the game’s gorgeous aesthetics – traditional 2D characters contrast with brand new origami and papier-mache creatures and locations. Mario is also shown exploring the kingdom in a car and a boat – could Origami King possibly feature elements of open world exploration-based gameplay?

And, of course, who could forget the end of the trailer. Watch past the reveal of the release date to see Mario donning a massive papier-mache helmet inspired by Samus from Nintendo’s legendary Metroid franchise. Could we possibly see nods to Metroid and other series in the upcoming Paper Mario title? It remains to be seen!

Are you looking forward to Paper Mario: Origami King? Let us know!

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