“Multiple Major New Titles” Planned for 2021, Says Capcom

Recently, video game developer Capcom released their results for the 2019 fiscal year, alongside their plans for 2021 and the remaining quarters of 2020. Despite the ongoing effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the company was highly optimistic, announcing that “multiple major new titles” were planned to release by March 31, 2021, unfortunately, what those titles might not have yet been revealed.

Additionally, in 2021, Capcom hopes to expand its unit sales to a new record high of 28 million. This would significantly surpass the 2019-2020 fiscal year, in which 25.5 million units were sold. The company cites Monster Hunter World: Iceborne as a primary reason for its success in the past year.

Although the developer’s prediction may seem overly optimistic, so far, sales of recent titles have been going quite well. The remake of Resident Evil 3, which received generally positive press, has currently sold over 2.5 million units, while Monster Hunter World has reached a lifetime total of over 15 million.

Capcom’s plan outlines an extremely detailed strategy for moving forwards. They plan to focus both on releasing new titles and strengthening existing franchises and IPs, including the aforementioned Resident Evil (known in Japan as Biohazard) and Monster Hunter as well as Street Fighter and Devil May Cry. The developer also plans on releasing new mobile games, ideally using 5G technology connected to these properties.

Other plans include keeping a careful eye on the arcade and pachinko machine markets in Japan, as several facilities are currently experiencing temporary or permanent closures due to COVID-19. They also plan to hold promotional and tie-in events, such as concerts and themed cafes, related to their most beloved properties.

Finally, the plan is to spread awareness of these games by expanding into non-gaming media, especially in the case of Monster Hunter, which will be releasing a theatrical film in September 2020. We wish Capcom the best as they strive to break sales records and achieve their ambitious new goals.

What “major new titles” would you like to see Capcom release in 2020 and 2021? Let us know!

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