Phasmophobia Developers Reveal New Prison Map

Earlier this year, the developer of multiplayer horror game Phasmophobia announced that they would be extending the game’s early access period due to its unexpected success. In this announcement, Kinetic Games – a small studio consisting primarily of developer Dknighter – clarified that they would focus on both adding new content and fixing bugs reported by players.

One of the upcoming projects listed on the game’s publicly accessible Trello board is the addition of a new prison-themed level. Now, Kinetic Games has shared a first look at this new map in the form of three screenshots posted to their official Twitter.

The screenshots reveal that the prison map shares Phasmophobia’s classic dark, sinister aesthetic, with minimal lighting and plenty of dark corners and obstacles for ghosts to hide in or behind. One shows a common room, with tables to sit at and an overhead walkway for observing inmates. The second reveals the outer area of the prison, featuring a fenced-in recreation yard and multiple guard towers. Finally, the last image shows what appears to be a visitation area with rows of separated pods.

In this Tweet, Kinetic Games indicates that the map is still in development, especially the cell block area. A potential release date for the prison map was not included.

Currently, Phasmophobia features seven haunted maps which players can explore, including several abandoned houses and farmhouses as well as a school and even an one asylum (the game’s only large-sized map). Other planned future maps include an apartment building, a mansion, an underground sewer system and a hospital. The apartment and mansion based levels may be coming sooner, as they are listed in the “backlog” section of the Trello board.

There are also a number of ghosts available for players to seek out and attempt to contact, including fright-inducing Phantoms, prank-loving Poltergeists, aggressive Mares and sanity-draining Yurei. It remains to be seen which types of ghosts favor haunting the prison, as well as whether new ghosts will be released alongside the prison map.

What is your current favorite Phasmophobia map? Are you excited for the prison? Let us know!

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