Playstation 2’s Bully and Manhunt arrive on the European Playstation 4 Store

When it comes to Playstation 2 games coming to the Playstation 4 Sony does not exactly provide a huge fanfair, on most occasions these games just show up out of nowhere and that is exactly the case this week. Two more of Rockstar’s big games from the Playstation 2 era have made their way onto the European Playstation Store in the form of Bully and Manhunt. These games are loved by fans so it is nice to see them return for classic fans and a new generation to enjoy, better still is that the games have been upscaled to 1080p and given a full list of unlockable trophies.

There is no word when or if these games will make their way into other regions such as North America, but if you live in Europe then you can access these gaming gems for €14.99 on the Playstation Store.

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