PlayStation 4 Hardware Sales Down, Software Sales Up

Sony has released its fiscal reports from the last financial year and, according to the numbers, over 75 million PlayStation 4 units have shipped to date.

Sony originally announced that their aim was to reach at least 78 million units sold by this year, so it seems they are right on track. As a note, PlayStation 3 units sold right at 80 million units in its lifetime, so it seems that the PlayStation 4 should surpass its predecessor by the end of this fiscal year.

The numbers, however, show that consoles are decreasing slightly. In the past year, 19 million units were sold worldwide, down from 20 million for the previous year. For this year, Sony predicts that only 16 million consoles will be sold.

However, while console sales are down, the report shows that software purchases are up. According to the report, there has been an 18% increase in software sales from the previous year and a rise in PlayStation Plus subscribers. With this, Sony foresees that they will see a 7% increase in total profit, even with the decrease in console sales. Several games have been announced for PS4 recently, such as Brave Neptunia.

As console sales begin to plateau for the PlayStation 4, the gaming world is looking for signs of the next console Sony will produce. There have been no comments from Sony on a new console – the company went so far as to say they were unsure if the PlayStation 5 would even be a thing – but gamers should expect some form of an announcement within the next couple of years.

Are you surprised by the sales data of PS4 hardware or software? Do you want Sony to announce a PlayStation 5 anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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