Playstation Plus vote to play feature officially revealed

For a short while now we have been aware of Sony’s plans for the future of Playstation Plus, with a new vote to play feature being introduced for Playstation Plus subscribers to help determine which games will be seeing special privilege on the service. Until today though Sony had made no attempt to make us aware as to when this service would begin aside from a vague this month, we also were unaware as to what games might be offered, though we did assume the service would provide the game listed in the original trailer. Though now thanks to Sony we know when this feature will begin which is this Thursday.

Among the games that you can vote for include Ubisoft’s interesting game about plant growth and adventuring, the board game type experience of Armello, and from the creators of Stick it to the Man comes Zombie Vikings which shares a lot in common with its previous game in terms of looks. Whichever of these three games receives the most votes will be free to subscribers through September, while the other two will receive discounts for subscribers.

I am personally hoping to see Grow Home receive the most votes but we will have to wait and see how the players vote.

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