PlayStation Store Play 2016 has released four game titles.

The PlayStation Play promotion hit the stores on July 19 and with it, four new games. These games included original titles such as Headlander, ABZÛ, Brut@l, and Bound. The games will range from $14.99 to $19.99 but you can also get 20% for being a PlayStation Plus member. But that’s not all SONY has to offer you. Each game in this years Play lineup will come with its very own exclusive PS4 theme with each pre-order for the Plus members. It’s not just all about the Plus members, anyone can receive a 20% off their entire basket if they purchase two or more games from Play.

The first of the games, Headlander, is based in a futuristic dystopia where all beings are now humanoid robots being controlled by a higher power known as Methuselah . Your character is the last flesh, human in existence where only your head remains. I know, just being a head sounds pretty useless. The beauty of it is that your head can attach to different robotic bodies and control them once you destroy their own cranium. It seems that you can use the head as a jet pack and fly towards other enemies, empty shoulders in order to attach yourself. The mechanics of the game sound pretty interesting and definitely something of which we have never seen before. Little of the gameplay has been revealed as of yet, but the viewer perspective seems to be third person, similar to the likes of Little Big Planet or Abes Odyssey. The game is priced at $19.99 but is only at $15.99 with the plus member 20% off.

ABZÛ is very reminiscent of the PlayStation aquarium app, lord know I wasted my money on that one, however, this is interactive, you are in the tank with them. Very little story line is revealed, but it seems to be an open, ocean explorer game which, in itself, doesn’t need a narrative. The graphics seem very basic, it is clear that Giant Squid has gone for a very artistic form of design which fits in with their nautical imagery. The game is also priced at $19.99.

The lowest price of the released games is Brut@l at only $14.99 scraping in at just $11.99 with the 20% off voucher. The premise of the game seems very complicated and looks to be some form of futuristic board game. This feels somewhat reminiscent of the interactive games of Dejarik which you would have seen on Star Wars. In the game you can choose a ‘hero’ type between Ranger, Mage, Warrior or Amazon. You must travel the board fighting various enemies and in the trailer, there even seems to be a hint of a boss fight. Again, due to the board game-like gameplay the graphics are quite basic, but there is nothing else about this game that is.

The artistic platformer Bound leaves a lot to the imagination with its teaser trailer. It seems to be entirely platform based with a slight Mirrors Edge appeal to the game. The protagonist, which you control is an abstract ballet danger traveling through a beautifully designed map. There seems to be little conflict as the character travels each platforms with ease, however, the ending reveals a darker entity which clearly seems to be an enemy for you. Whether this trailer was revealing the opening to the story and the introduction of the beast is the disequilibrium stage of the narrative. Or it missed out on a lot of information, we will never know unless we  purchase it at PlayStation store Play for just $15.99 with your 20% off

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