Nintendo is Killing the Competition

In an age where smart phones and their app games are the new hand-helds and everyone is completely obsessed with their ps4 or Xbox 1, it’s like the DS and Nintendo have fallen off the map somewhat. Would we even go as far as saying Nintendo is dead?

Well before you answer, listen to this;

In the past couple of years, Nintendo has been steadily climbing up in stocks. In 2014, the company was at almost 20$ billion and just two years later, it’s already at doubled to 40$ billion. Bets are in that this is all because of the success of Pokemon Go and the fact that it’s been a while since a game has hit the market quite as hard as this one has.

Nintendo is known for its timeless characters like Zelda and Mario and even though they date back nearly 30 years, people still love them. Could this also have something to do with why they’ve beaten such big competition? While of course Sony is home to some pretty beloved characters, it’s just not the same phenomena that Pokemon Go is creating right now. If Nintendo has proved anything in the past decades, it’s that they are immortal and don’t plan on going anywhere.

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