Pokemon website reveals more details for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon were officially revealed as part of today’s Pokemon Direct, and while it disappointed many including myself that no proper footage was shown of course it can be said that this gives us more to be excited for down the line.

While the Direct may not have revealed much about the new games we are not without news, the official Pokemon website has revealed a couple of new details which are certainly interesting. According to the site both games will feature “a new world, new Pokemon, and new adventures to discover”.

A note to 3D for the game has also been mentioned and this reveals that 3D will likely used in the same form as X and Y as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The general over world will likely be 2D with no 3D option, but like the other games entering caves and other such locations should allow for a 3D option.

Now it can be noted that the details claim “a new world”, so what does this mean? This likely is referencing that Pokemon Sun and Moon are the start of generation 7 and we will be visiting an unfamiliar territory, perhaps even the one referenced by the backpacker in X and Y. This also seemingly debunks the Southern Kalos theory which was floating around yesterday, we still have no clear information for exactly what “a new world” means but this has me excited to know what is happening next. All aboard the speculation train.

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