Rare Releases “Stay at Home” Message Featuring Banjo and Kazooie

The current global pandemic situation, caused by the novel coronavirus commonly referred to as COVID-19, has led to “shelter in place” “quarantine” and “social distancing” rules and orders enacted all around the globe. Celebrities, politicians and more have taken to social media to reinforce the “stay at home” message. Today, a pair of beloved video game characters join their ranks.

On March 26, developer Rare Ltd. released a short video on their official Twitter, starring their popular characters, Banjo the bear and Kazooie the bird. The characters were shown completing a version of the memorable Treasure Trove Cove puzzle, originally featured in the very first Banjo-Kazooie title on the Nintendo 64.

In the game, players had to jump on large lettered tiles spread out on the floor in order to spell out the phrase “BANJO KAZOOIE”. Rare’s new version, however, has the dynamic duo instead of spelling out the words “STAY AT HOME”.

The tweet has received over 10,000 responses. Many fans thanked Rare for the message and encouraged one another to listen to Banjo and Kazooie and remain at home. Unfortunately, significantly more of Rare’s Twitter followers used the tweet as a platform to yet again ask (or demand) to know when or if Banjo-Kazooie will receive a Nintendo Switch release.

With many major US retailers entirely sold out of Switch consoles, now would probably not be the best time for any Banjo-Kazooie title to receive a port.

More positive fans have been pledging to spend their time at home adventuring with the beloved duo—and so can you! In addition to their own games, Banjo and Kazooie also debuted as DLC fighters as part of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate’s first Fighter Pack. Their entry was unexpected and met with an ecstatic response from fans.

Gamers around the world are encouraged to follow our favorite team of adventurers’ advice. Stay at home, enjoy some games, and consider shooting Rare a positive message of thanks rather than yet another Switch port demand.

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