Red Dead Online Patch Notes: Halloween In The Wild West

With Halloween almost a week away, new Red Dead Online patch notes have been released, and Rockstar is gearing up to bring the Halloween spirit to the Wild West.

Let’s begin with the Halloween Pass, a purchasable limited-time upgrade that will offer rewards across 20 ranks. From special themed clothing items, full weapon variations, photo studio backgrounds, new camera filters, and a gothic restoration available for your moonshine bar. 

All Halloween Pass rewards (up to your current rank) can be unlocked once the pass is purchased. Everything unlocked with the pass will remain available after the pass expires on November 16.

A free weapon component of your choice can be picked up if you purchase the pass this week. Halloween masks are back for a limited time only, and if you grab one, you’ll receive 10 poison throwing knives and a free ability card of your choosing. Then for those who’ve undertaken a role, there’s a chance to receive 2,000 Club XP and 50% off any weapon from the Fence. 

There’s a new mode in town too, Dead Of Night, which, according to the notes will pit four teams against each other and the undead in a “fight for survival.” While points can be scored for wiping out the dead ones, higher points are given for taking out rival competitors. 

To make some easy money, head to Gus’ trapper store to offload Nightwalker and Ghost pelts. This will unlock garment sets for purchase, which can be worn as you “regale your chums with exaggerated tales of bravery.”

But beware for a pair of apex predators, the Nightwalker Panther, and albino Ghost Panther, that is said: “to be making their home in local swamps, eluding even the most skilled of local hunters.” 

However, we’re not done yet. There are Halloween discounts to dip into. These include 5 gold bars from Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector, and Naturalist Roles, and a 10 from the Moonshiner Role. You can relocate your moonshine shack for free, with 40% off all role items and wilderness outfitters content, as well as 30% off all melee weaponry. 

Last of all, we move onto a Prime Gaming partnership. Simply connect a Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming and you’ll be able to poach five free legendary animal pheromones, 6,000 naturalist XP, a wilderness camp, and katata coat. 

Plus, for those who connect to Prime Gaming prior to November 16, they’ll receive a free single bandolier, and 50% off a double bandolier, the deluxe campfire, and 30% off the improved bow.

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