Ruffian Games Acquired By Rockstar For ‘Upcoming Titles’

Ruffian Games, the developers of Crackdown 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, has been acquired by Rockstar Games, before being rebranded as Rockstar Dundee, according to updates via Companies House.

The first of two listings on the website is dated October 1, conforming that Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, has significant control over Ruffian Games. The second, more recent listing, from October 6, confirms Ruffian’s name change to Rockstar Dundee.

According to The Scottish Games Network, who’d recently completed work on Halo Reach with 343 Industries, Rockstar Dundee, the tenth studio to join the Rockstar Banner worldwide, is now working with the studio on ‘upcoming titles’. As advertised online, the studio is offering permanent positions for games currently in production, with some of Rockstar Dundee’s current vacancies listed below. 

Senior Engineer (multiple)
UI Engineer
Systems Engineer
Graphics Engineer (multiple)
Gameplay Script Engineer (multiple)
Senior Graphics Engineer (multiple)
Engineer (multiple)

Rockstar’s other branches include Rockstar North, Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar Lincoln, Rockstar London, Rockstar New York, Rockstar New England, Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar Toronto, and Rockstar India.

Recently, Take-Two Interactive renewed two key domain names:, and While not uncommon practice for publishing labels to renew their domain names from time to time, it has fuelled new hope for news on Grand Theft Auto 6.

While the wait goes on, Grand Theft Auto V is still expected to release on the Playstation 5 in 2021, meaning the game will exist across three different platforms, the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and soon, the PlayStation 5. GTA Online will also be heading onto the PS5, with the promise of exclusive new content to the release on Sony’s next-generation console.

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