Rocket League seems to be getting a basketball themed mode

Since Rocket League debuted on the Playstation 4 and PC last year the game has become a major smash hit that has redefined sports like Soccer and made them fun in a brand new way. However it is not only Soccer that Psyonix has had the pleasure of adding to the game as last year they also delivered a free update which added their take on Ice Hockey to the mix.

This has proven there is room for Rocket League to become a game of many faces or many sports if you will, and a new tweet sent out on the Rocket League page essentially reveals whats next for the acclaimed game. An image sent out shows off what would be Rocket League Basketball a feature that would take the game in a brand new direction.

Of course we don’t know if the Basketball mode will be a paid add-on or they will add this mode in for free to offer a greater experience, only time will tell.

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