RUMOR – Some Wii U Pre E3 Details

  1. Wii U models at E3 2011 and CES 2011 didn’t have optical drives
  2. games were put onto SD cards
  3. E3 2012 will see Wii U games off of SD cards and USB thumb drives
  4. Wii U size may have altered slightly,
  5. redesigned Zapper and Classic Controller
  6. Nintendo making their own HDMI cable
  7. Retro’s project will be unveiled at E3 2012 and is ‘massive’
  8. Wii U camera may have been upgraded to .7MP
  9. voice chat is up and functional
  10. lots of Wii U/3DS software at Nintendo’s E3 2012 booth
  11. any rlast-minute mods to the Wii U, EA and Ubisoft are the only 3rd parties to know


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