Sephiroth Kirby Is The Internet’s New Favorite Meme

Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth was the latest character added to popular fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The unexpected announcement was made during the 2020 Game Awards broadcast, and Sephiroth himself was released as DLC later in December.

Fans on the Internet are definitely excited – but not because of the One Winged Angel’s powerful move-set or the cool new stage and music tracks he brings with him to the game. Instead, the thing everyone’s most hyped about is just how cute pink puffball Kirby looks like dressed as the iconic JRPG villain.

One of Kirby’s attacks has him suck other characters into his cavernous mouth, allowing him to temporarily borrow their appearance and powers. As Sephiroth, Kirby gains a fabulous mane of silver hair and wields a shorter version of infamously long sword Masamune. The juxtaposition between the cute Kirby and the imposing Sephiroth is quite memorable, and fans have quickly jumped on it as a source of memes and fanart.

On Twitter and other social media sites, fans have been drawing their own interpretation of Sephiroth Kirby (or “Kirbyroth”), often featuring an evil facial expression and a single black wing.

Others have depicted Sephiroth and Kirby as striking up an unlikely friendship, or have set videos of Kirby to Sephiroth’s theme song, “One Winged Angel”. Still others have taken and posted in-game screenshots of Sephiroth Kirby fighting Cloud Kirby, often with a Zelda or Princess Peach Kirby standing in for the character of Aerith.

Even official brand accounts got in on the fun. “Nintendo Versus,” a Twitter hub for competitive gaming news, posted a tweet indicating that “Kirby’s hair gel budget just went way up,” shortly after “Kirbyroth’s” appearance was revealed.

Do you find Sephiroth Kirby adorable, uncanny or terrifying? What is your favorite Kirby appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Let us know!


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