Sephiroth Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting its second Final Fantasy character, with the iconic antagonist Sephiroth announced as the latest DLC fighter. Sephiroth was announced in a trailer debuting at The Game Awards tonight.

Unsurprisingly, Sephiroth appears to have a similar fighting style to Cloud. His notoriously long sword isn’t shrunken down at all, giving him insane range. From the trailer, we can see he has a counter, as well as the ability to stick to walls and boost for extra momentum. Adding to his range, he also has magic at his disposal, and a side-facing sword combo.

There’s no specific release date given other than December 2020, but as we almost head into Christmas, it won’t be long until any players interested can fight as the one winged angel

Speaking of one winged angels, it looks like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally getting another Final Fantasy song. Presently, there are only two tracks in the game: “Fight On!” and “Those Who Fight”. Sephiroth’s own theme, “One Winged Angel” is near enough confirmed, but it remains to be seen if any other pieces from Final Fantasy VII’s extensive soundtrack makes the cut.

Sephiroth is the ninth DLC fighter to be added to Super Smash. Bros Ultimate. The last was Minecraft’s Steve.

Food for Thought

I think this caught us all of guard. For one reason or another, social media was convinced we were getting a Fortnite fighter, but this is a much better fit, given Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s own award nominations tonight. As for Sephiroth, he’ll need some serious downsides to account for all that range. Other large fighters – Bowser, Ridley etc – make up for it with a slow moving and hit speed, but Sephiroth looks slightly faster than them. Curiously, we didn’t see him charging a limit break either.

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