Challenge Sephiroth Now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The announcement of Final Fantasy VII‘s Sephiroth as the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter was one of the most unexpected moments during last week’s Game Awards broadcast. Now, Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai has released “Mr. Sakurai Presents Sephiroth,” nearly forty minutes of footage revealing the infamous villain’s play style as well as the spirits, music, Mii Fighter costumes, and more which will be coming into the game alongside him.

Sakurai’s video contained yet another unexpected announcement: the “Sephiroth Challenge,” an event which will allow Smash players to give the One Winged Angel a try prior to his official release on December 23. From today until December 22, players who have purchased the Sephiroth DLC can challenge the iconic boss to a battle at one of three difficulties: Easy, Normal, or Very Hard. Beating the Challenge will allow players to add Sephiroth to their roster early. You can choose your fighter for the Challenge – but why not re-create a classic battle and choose Sephiroth’s heroic nemesis, Cloud Strife?

Sephiroth will also come with a new stage, Northern Cave, the location at which he is fought in Final Fantasy VII. The stage features a shifting, animated background which tells the story of the game’s events, including the battle between Sephiroth’s destructive Meteor spell and the powerful Holy magic. The Highwind, the airship used by Cloud and his friends, can also be seen flying in the background.

Nine music tracks can be selected for the Northern Cave stage, including Sephiroth’s memorable theme “One Winged Angel” and a new remix of “Aerith’s Theme.” Fans were particularly thrilled to hear this news, as previous Final Fantasy fighter Cloud was criticized for bringing only two tracks with him to Smash.

Other new additions include several Final Fantasy-inspired Spirits, a new version of Cloud’s Omnislash attack which he will use when fighting Sephiroth, and Mii Fighter costumes based on Cloud’s friends Barrett (Gunner), Tifa (Brawler), and Aerith (Swordfighter). Additionally, the Mii Gunner can now dress up as Geno from Mario and the Legend of the Seven Stars.

Fighter Pack 8, which includes Sephiroth as well as his associated stage and music, is available for $5.99 USD. He is also part of Fighter Pass 2, which also contains ARMS’ Min Min and Minecraft’s Steve & Alex alongside three currently unrevealed fighters. The Fighter Pass costs $30 USD.


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