Sim City Finally Receives Offline Mode. Too Little Too Late?

It’s been nearly a year since Maxis released Sim City, and the game has been met with negative responses for almost all of that time. For the most part, this was due to its “online functionality” rendering the game unplayable without connection to a network which consistently suffered network outages which resulted in a loss of progression data.

Understandably, people were not pleased when the city-builder, saddled with its always-online features, was essentially turned into an unplayable, broken mess. But, after all this time, Maxis is finally rolling out an Offline Mode in the game’s next patch, allowing players to build and play to their hearts content without dreading the next interruption to their connection to the game’s servers.

Now the true question remains. Is this move too little too late? Is the game’s fate sealed or will this bring in people willing to give the title another chance now that it is at least playable, if not good? Only time will tell, but hopefully at the very least this will clue Maxis, and other developers in to the fact that always-online functionality in a primarily single-player experience really isn’t the best idea.

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