Watch_ Dogs has been a trending topic lately as we have 2 new very important pieces of information about the game.

First of all is that Watch_Dogs has gotten a re-classification after the delay. While we thought that the delay just polished the game it seems that Ubisoft has added a lot more ‘adult’ missions.

The game in Australia was rated MA15+ but Ubisoft had to resubmit the game and it has now received a R18+ rating.  With the reason behind this being ‘References to sexual violence and sex scenes and simulated sexual activity’

Just the other week South Park: The Stick Of Truth also received an R18+ rating but that game also had content missing out in the Australian and German version, but there is no content missing in any versions of Watch_Dogs for any countries.


Now the other big part of information is that the Watch_Dogs Creative Director developer has officially stated on twitter how long the game will take to beat:


As you can see, anyone who does some free roaming and side missions will see the end credits roll at around 35-40 hours. But to get 100% on the game will take over 100 hours. The delay also caused the longer game time just like the higher rating.

35-40 hours to clock the game with free roaming sounds very realistic as it took me 40 hours to clock Assassin’s Creed 4 but I did that with a lot of free roaming. And then 100% the game in 100 hours also some realisitc as it took me 60 hours to 100% Assassin’s Creed 4. THe reason I compare these two games is that they are both made by Ubisoft

You can pick up Watch_Dogs on May 27th 2014 For PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360, while the is still no Wii U release date.

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