Smite rated by PEGI for the Playstation 4

If a European rating is to be believed it appears popular MOBA Smite could be on its way to the Playstation 4.

A listing that detailed the games age rating and release date for a Playstation 4 version of the game recently surfaced on the Pan European Game Information (or Pegi for short) website, however it was removed shortly after.

The rating from Pegi awards the game as a 12 the reason stating the game’s “non-realistic looking violence towards human characters”. The release date is listed for February 18th 2016, which as we know (as long as you are reading this today) is today, however as long as this is not a mistake this release date is almost definitly wrong looking at classification boards past history such as Minecraft for Wii U which was not released until a few weeks later.

Although the listing for the game was removed it was found quick enough for Eurogamer to quickly get a picture which can be seen below:

Smite Playstation 4 rating

Providing this pans out the Playstation 4 will be the games third home after an arrival on the PC in 2014, and an arrival on the Xbox One last August.

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