Sons of the Forest: All Crafting Items and Ingredients List

Sons of the Forest offers a wide selection of crafting opportunities. Players can craft a variety of items, such as Weapons and Armor, as well as Health items designed to increase their chance of survival in a hostile environment. With so many options available, players have tons of choices when it comes to bolstering their equipment!

With this guide, you can learn about all the items and materials needed to craft everything in the game. Additionally, this resource provides a comprehensive list of recipes and all their necessary ingredients. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

All Crafting Items and Ingredients List



Below is a list of all the craftable items and their ingredients in Sons of the Forest. You can use these ingredients to craft necessary items in the game and increase your survival chance.

Weapons and Armor

Sons of the Forest

In order to stay safe from dangerous cannibals and mutants, Weapons and Armor are essential for navigating Sons of the Forest. Weapons provide a player with the means to hunt down opponents, while armor ensures increased protection from harm. Investing in these items is a must for any explorer looking to survive in the game. 

Item Ingredients
Crafted Bow Stick x2, Rope x1, Duct Tape x1
Molotov Vodka Bottle x1, Cloth X1
Time Bomb Wire x1, Watch x1, Duct Tape x1, Circuit Board x1, C2 Brick x1, Coins x5
Crafted Club Skull x1, Stick, x1, Rope x1
Crafted Spear Stick x2, Knife, x1,Duct Tape x1
Chainsaw Chainsaw x1, Battery x1 
Stone Arrow Small Stone x4, Feather x2, Sticks x2
Bone Armor Bone x4, Rope x1, Duct Tape X1
Leaf Armor Leaves x10, Cloth X1
Tech Armor Tech Mesh X1, Wire x1, Circuit Board x1, Duct Tape 1, Battery x1
Hide Armor Hide x2, Cloth x1


Sons of the Forest Torch

Utilities are essential when it comes to playing and progressing in Sons of the Forest. With these tools, players can traverse the map at night, dig up holes, and more. Utilization of these items helps make progress in the game easier and more efficient.

Item Ingredients
Torch Cloth x1, Stick x1
Flashlight Flashlight x1,  Battery x1
Zipline Rope Rope x1, Grappling Hook x1
Repair Tool Rope x1, Stone x1, Stick x1

Health Items


Health is an integral part of surviving in Sons of the Forest. After all, if you run out of health, you die! For optimal protection, players should craft Medicine to maintain their health before engaging in tough battles. As you explore, look out for plants to harvest for ingredients to make Medicine. Doing so will ensure that you have enough resources for survival during intense fights.

Item  Ingredients
Health Mix Alow Vera x1, Yarrow x1
Health MIx+ Aleo Vera x1, Fireweed x1, Horsetail X1
Energy Mix Chicory x1, Arrowleaf x1
Energy Mix+ Chicory x1, Fireweed x1, Devil’s Club x1


Sons of the Forest Mask

Establishing a reliable food supply is a top priority for survival. Hunting animals can boost your food resources; however, traps are an even more effective method of capturing animals quickly and efficiently. With the help of these traps, you can maximize your hunting capabilities. Take a look at the ingredients required to craft traps in Sons of the Forest!

Item Ingredients
Fish Trap Sticks x 25
Small Animal Trap Sticks x 14
Fly Swatter Trap Rope x1, Rock x3, Sticks x10
Bone Maker Trap Vodka Bottle x1, Rope x1, Sticks x2, Leaves x3, Rocks x3

How to Craft Items in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Crafting Table
Creating items in Sons of the Forest is simple. To begin, open your inventory and choose the desired components. For example, to craft a Molotov, select 1 Vodka Bottle and 1 Cloth. After adding these to your crafting table, combine them to craft the item. In no time you’ll have a Molotov ready for use!

That concludes our guide to all Sons of the Forest crafting items and ingredients.  Was this guide helpful to you? Let us know in the comment section below! Plus, you can watch GameLuster’s very own Nirav and Jess adventure alongside Kelvin in Sons of the Forest here.

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