Sony explains why they brought the Last of Us to the Playstation 4

There is one thing I am sure many gamer’s have been curious about and that is why Naughty Dog’s Playstation 3 masterpiece from last year The Last of Us is being being carried over to the Playstation 4 the idea I am sure baffled many Playstation owners forcing them to question why they should have it on the Playstation 4 now, Sony has answered this question in a recent interview and here is what he said:

“The Last of Us is considered one of the most significant titles of the last console generation, winning countless awards. It would be almost unfair for all our new fans to never play a game like this. We’ve looked at PSN data and can see a huge proportion of PS4 players haven’t experienced The Last of Us yet. This is quite indicative of the shift in the market and the many players who have migrated from competitive platforms that we’re glad to welcome to PlayStation.”

It was also mentioned that Sony has been careful with the pricing for the game due to people already owning the game so that they can have value in buying the game a second time.

I believe it is about time people have actually found out why the Last of Us is coming to the Playstation 4 and I find it interesting to now know that a good portion of Playstation 4 owners have never played the game and I feel the better version will give people more reason to finally check out this game.

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