Sony is shutting off the online servers to MLB 14: The Show only one year after launch

Sony is definitely getting crafty, in what seems to be a clever way to get people to buy more games Sony is set to shut down the online servers for their game MLB 14: The Show, interestingly only one year after the game launched.

While you still have a while to enjoy playing Baseball online Sony has announced that the servers for the game will be getting shut off on June 18th for all versions of the game.

However what makes this clever is that with Sony shutting off online servers for the game, it gives plenty of room for Sony to force people who enjoy playing MLB online to buy the latest game in the series MLB 15: The Show. So while MLB fans can enjoy their current game for another three months they should also make note that to continue to enjoy the game to its full potential they will have to purchase MLB 15: The Show when it launches next week on March 31st. As I have noted you will have about three months with the current game however if you wish to continue to immerse yourself in online play then you will have to purchase the latest entry in the series. Pretty crafty Sony, pretty crafty.

If you want to know more about MLB 14: The Show then I suggest checking out the review here, written by my fellow writer James Pritchard, he was quite impressed with the game.

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