Spider-Man 2: How To Complete Find Grandpa Quest

Besides beating up bad guys, Spider-Man also helps various New York City citizens who need his help. One of the side quests you can accept is the Find Grandpa FNSM Request, where you must locate a missing old man. If you need help completing this Spider-Man 2 mission, you can read our handy guide to get some clues.

Spider-Man 2 Find Grandpa FNSM Request Guide

You can start the Find Grandpa FNSM Request by speaking to Tasha in the Downtown Brooklyn District. She will stand under the archway near the hot dog stand, and she will ask you to help her locate her missing relative.

The old man was last seen near an exhibit, and the game will put down an objective marker you can follow. Once you reach the location, you must scan the area by holding the L2 button. Then, you have to scan a letter on top of a flower planter beside two police officers.

Spider Man 2 Find Grandpa Step 1

Miles will call Tasha after reading the letter, and she will tell you about a botanical garden that Grandpa Earl often visits. You need to move to the next location, which is only 200 meters away. After you reach the area, you must scan an inhaler on top of a stone pillar next to a wooden bench

Spider Man 2 Find Grandpa Step 2

You must now solve a Corruptions puzzle, where you need to destroy corrupted red atoms without damaging the green atoms. The best tip to complete this challenge is not to select any atom adjacent to a green atom. Ensure that there is at least one atom between the one you want to destroy and the stable atom.

Spider Man 2 Find Grandpa Step 3

Once you solve the puzzle, you must follow the trail that Grandpa Earl left behind. It is quite a long walk, but you will eventually discover the missing old man sitting on a bench near a lake. Completing this side quest will reward you with 600 EXP, 200 Tech Parts, and two Hero Tokens.

That is the end of our guide on how to complete the Find Grandpa FNSM Request. For more Spider-Man 2 content, you can check out related articles below this post. I also recommend reading the You Know What to Do trophy guide so you can grab this easy achievement.

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