Star Sky announced to be coming to the Wii U eShop, arriving soon

There are many ways to soak in a story, to feel something as you go about the world uncovering the secrets that lay hidden, to find that moment that truly connects you to the story and makes you feel something, something deep. While it has been proven that games jammed full of action can present such feelings (look at Bioshock and the Last of Us), it is often better to slow up and take the leisurely approach to soak in the world and the story it is trying to show you. This is exactly the type of experience the developers want to show with Star Sky, this game has been out on other platforms for a few years now having made its way to PC and Mobile, but now it has been confirmed to be finding a new home on the Wii U eShop.

The game creator Marten Jonsson confirmed to Nintendo Everything that the game would be making its way to the Wii U even announcing that if everything goes according to plan the game is not far off. At this time the game is planned to be released in September in both Europe and North America, but again this is all assuming everything goes according to plan.

Star Sky is a slow paced exploration game with a focus to make you feel, but so you know more you can read an overview and even see a trailer for the upcoming release below:

Star Sky is not a game for everyone. It is a slow-paced game of exploring different choices. There are secrets to unlock, and for those who make it to the end, there is a lot of interesting things to reflect about. It is also a peaceful experience and a game about enjoying the ambiance the world around you can provide. Make the choices, watch what happens, unlock the secret.

Star Sky is not a game you play for hours on end. You play it, see what there there is to discover and then play it as many times as you feel like. Then hopefully you will return and finish it at some point, in order to unlock the end. The game is meant to be a relaxing and ambient experience focusing on creating a soothing atmosphere rather than intense gameplay. It is similar to an interactive poem. A poem that has several endings and allow you to explore different scenarios. It is important that you take your time and allow yourself to feel the game as you play it.

It is great to see games like this coming to the Wii U, I really hope more games like this find their way to the platform in the future, but what do you think about this, let us know in the comments below.


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