Star Wars Outlaws Release Date Confirmed, As New Story Info Drops

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment’s upcoming Star Wars Outlaws released its official story trailer today, with action, a familiar face and more. As well as all the juicy story details, we also got a confirmed release date – August 30. The release date was actually leaked a few hours earlier from a Ubisoft Japan slip-up, but now it’s official. In a big push for the service, Star Wars Outlaws will also release on Ubisoft+ on the same date.

The story trailer gives us a better look at Kay Vess, a scoundrel in the Underworld which is currently thriving as the Empire and Rebellion are at each other’s throats. Kay needs to undertake a galactic-level heist in the Outer Rim, robbing shady Underworld boss and Canto Bight resident Sliro of his wealth to secure her own freedom. The trailer flashes by some stunning Star Wars scenery both familiar and new, and also shows a meeting with Jabba the Hutt in his iconic Tatooine palace. 

Star Wars Outlaws releases on August 30, and in typical Ubisoft fashion will deliver a pre-order bonus of ‘The Kessel Runner Bonus Pack’ for those eager to get their orders in early in return for some extra speeder and starship cosmetics. There will also be both a Gold and Ultimate edition, which allows fans to play up to three days early and access to the game’s season pass. The season pass will include narrative expansions and cosmetics, as well as a Day 1 Jabba’s Gambit mission.

Are you interested in Star Wars Outlaws? Will you be returning to the galaxy far, far away this August? Let us know your thoughts on the latest story trailer below, and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news.

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