Stories Untold Developer Creates Interactive Horror Using Twitter

Earlier this year, horror anthology game Stories Untold saw a re-release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, after having previously been a PC exclusive. Now, while there’s still minimal news regarding whether or not developer No Code has another game in the works, they have used a rather unique medium to add another story to their horrific collection.

Called “The Site Investigate” – a reference to Stories Untold chapter “The House Abandon” – this hybrid game, interactive story and AR experience kicked off on December 22 via the official No Code Twitter account. It tells the story of a nameless first-person protagonist who awakens in a mysterious location without any memory of where they are or how they got there. As the story developed, the protagonist discovered sinister hidden secrets including a possible connection to worlds and dimensions other than our own.

“The Site Investigate” ran from December 22 until December 29, and was carried out entirely via Twitter. Every few hours, the “narrator” character would post either a short text update or an image or video revealing more about their location. Often, these updates would come with a choice, presented in the form of a poll which Twitter followers could vote on. Each poll would remain open for between one and three hours, with the “narrator” following the course of action which received the most votes.

As the adventure progressed, the “narrator” also encountered puzzles and riddles which required solving. Twitter followers were encouraged to team up and work together to solve the puzzles, as the adventure would not continue until the correct answer had been inputted.

You can read the entire “The Site Investigate” chronicles on Twitter, including the fan discussion which occurred in the comments. As the experience was advertised with the hashtag #StoriesUntoldLive, indicating that No Code might turn to Twitter again in the future to create more interactive and horrific experiences.

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