Street Fighter 6 Demo and Year 1 DLC Fighters Announced

The official Street Fighter 6 Showcase was held today, and with it, a host of new information on the game has been shared! Among these is the release of the official demo for Street Fighter 6 on PS5 and PS4 (coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Steam on April 26!) in addition the roster of DLC fighters for Year 1! New information on the single-player World Tour mode was shared as well.

To start off, the demo will allow players to experience  a small piece of what the World Tour mode, which is shown and described a single-player ode with RPG mechanics and an overarching narrative for players to experience.

They’ll be able to build their own avatar and start their adventure in Metro City, where they must travel the world, completing missions, learning the ropes from from the franchise’s most iconic characters like Chun-Li, leveling up their skills, unlocking new kicks, and so much more!  

Certain modes in the Fighting Ground are also available in the demo, and players will be able to import their Avatar into the full game once it is officially released on June 2, 2023.

New information on upcoming DLC fighters has been revealed as well that will arrive during the game’s first year.

Rashid from Street Fighter 5 will arrive on the scene come Summer 2023, followed by the newcomer A.K.I. Autumn 2023. Afterwards, Ed from Street Fighter 4/5 will arrive in Winter 2024, and and the first year’s wave will finish with Akuma from Street Fighter II Turbo arriving in Spring 2024.

These fighters will also be added to the World Tour mode to allow players can interact with them, learn more about them, as well as incorporate their fighting styles into into the custom Avatar.

Other features shown for Street Fighter 6 include a variety of online and offline versus modes,  tutorials, custom rooms for up to 16 players, ranked matches, and more!
What did you think of the Street Fighter 6 Showcase digital event? Will be downloading the Street Fighter 6 demo? Let us know in the comments, and keep up to date with more gaming news on GameLuster!
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