Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Coming to Switch 2/12

During a 2020 livestream celebrating the 35th anniversary of the beloved Super Mario series, Nintendo announced a re-release of 2013 Wii U platformer Super Mario 3D World. The game, which became best known for introducing the Cat Suit power-up, was teased to contain a brand new add-on called “Bowser’s Fury,” but no additional information was revealed at the time.

Now, Nintendo has announced that the Switch port will be released on February 12, 2021. It will feature both online and local co-op multiplayer options, allowing players to take on the role of not just Mario but a number of his friends, including Peach, Luigi and Toad. A photo mode has also been added to allow players to capture some great action shots. Additionally, all playable characters have had their movement speed increased.

The “Bowser’s Fury” expansion is a brand new way to play which features recurring series antagonist Bowser losing all control and growing to a giant form. Mario will have to avoid this extra-huge Bowser’s attacks while exploring levels which have more of an open world feel than the game’s traditional platforming-based stages. A second player will be able to assist by taking on the role of Bowser Jr., who joins the heroes’ side because he too is afraid of what this enormous Koopa King can do.

In order to take on the enormous antagonist, Mario will have to seek out the Giga Bell, which turns him into a super-sized version of his Cat Mario form. This new form has already gained popularity on the Internet, with fans comparing it to the Super Saiyans of Dragon Ball and Sonic the Hedgehog’s own glowing Super Sonic ability.

Amiibo versions of Cat Mario and Cat Peach will also be releasing on the same day. They will be available to purchase both online and through select retailers. Both amiibos will provide unique bonuses for Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

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