Survive A Terrifying Rave This Halloween With Strobophagia

Looking for something new to terrify you this Halloween? The horror fans among you may be interested in Strobophagia: Rave Horror, a brand new offering from Sweden-based developer Green Tile Digital.

Described as a “terrifying EDM experience,” this horror game will debut on PC via Steam on October 28. A playable demo is currently available if you’re interested in giving the game a try prior to release.

Combining EDM and rave culture with a twisted take on the horror genre, Strobophagia – a name which means “the devouring of motion or vibration” – takes place at a sinister revelry called the Headless Festival. The player steps into the hapless shoes of a Headless Festival attendee, who heads deep into a cursed forest following rumors of a night filled with ultimate partying.

However, they quickly learn that the price of admission to the Headless Festival is their own life. Surrounded by a crowd of inhuman revelers, plied with deadly drinks, players are tasked with escaping the forest in time, or submitting your character to the sinister rites which power the world’s most terrifying rave. The game will also feature multiple endings.

Speaking to IGN, Green Tile CEO Ben Clarke stated that his team has been “eating, sleeping and breathing rave culture” throughout the development process of Strobophagia. He claims that both EDM and horror fans will enjoy the game’s twisting plot, unique visual aesthetics, and pounding, intense, rave-inspired soundtrack. When asked to describe the game, Clarke stated only that it would be “a party to die for”. He also recommends that the game be played with headphones in order to best experience its musical delights and terrors.

Will you be attending the Headless Festival this Halloween, or are there any other spooky titles you have your eyes on? Let us know in the comments!

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